Angry Birds 2

2.43.1 for Android

Rovio Entertainment Corporation

Angry Birds 2 MOD

Angry birds is a well-known game to all kinds of users. Everyone seems to like catapulting angry birds with a funny sound in the background. The backstory of the game is fascinating. The graphics and background score are simple yet stays with you for a long time.

When you want to relax with a game that takes a bit of thinking, Angry Birds 2 is going to satisfy your need.

It’s a fun a game where you catapult some enraged birds to crush some pigs.

Once, some mean green pigs stole the eggs of some birds by sneaking into their nests. The enraged birds swear revenge against those pigs. And that’s how the game starts. Moreover, those pigs hide in very complex structures. The player needs to catapult these birds at those pigs to crush them.  These birds have varied abilities. Therefore, there are incentives like bird cards, game currency to keep the players’ life intact to solve the puzzle-like challenges.

The modified version features Infinite Gems, Infinite Energy, Infinite Black Pearls, to make the game experience more fun.

APK Overview Information:

App Name

Angry Birds 2


233 MB

App Type


Current Version

2.42.2 (MOD)

Android Requirement

4.1 and up

Content Rating

Rated for 3+


Rovio Entertainment Corporation

Mod Features:

Infinite Gems, Infinite Energy, Infinite Black Pearls

Features of Angry Birds 2:

  • You can have a lot of adventure in this classic Angry Birds gameplay.
  • There are multiple levels and challenges for you to enjoy.
  • Don’t forget to play the incredible daily challenges and win rewards.
  • Unlock the ultimate powers of your birdy friends by taking them to higher levels.
  • You can interact with the gameplay and also unlock special items.
  • Moreover, you can customize your birdy friends.
  • Interact with friends, family and fellow gamers around the world.
  • There is a constant flow of exciting updates and events.

APK Description:

If you are into games, but you haven’t heard of Angry Birds, stop reading the article, play it a bit. We ensure you will have fun!

1. Similar to Angry Bird:

Angry Birds 2 has kept the same premise as its predecessor. Mean pigs are stealing the eggs of the birds. Recovering these eggs is your primary goal. And you have a collection of birds to catapult.

The destruction of structure and how many birds you have used will determine the score. There are options to unlock spells and easily overcome any stage.

Therefore, every bird has an ability like the bluebird can clone itself to three birds; the white bird can throw an egg bomb.

The red bird has a remarkable ability in Angry Birds 2. It can create shockwaves to destroy anything in front of it. Moreover, there is a new grey bird, which is super awesome. It can smash anything in its way.

2. Lot’s of Challenges are added:

As there are 240 stages, you have significant challenges to have fun. When you start a stage, you have the change to use all available birds. You have the freedom the choose any bird at any throw.

However, remember to choose your bird order wisely because there are multiple levels in a stage. So, you can’t afford to run out of birds.

Use the spells wisely to get an advantage in the challenging levels. However, we can suggest a few things with the spells like creating a rain of yellow ducks or inflated pigs, converting all blocks into ice, and turning pigs into bombs. And don’t forget about the “Mighty Eagle” spell, which destroys all the green pigs when things get out your hand.

You’ll face a boss after every few stages. These bosses are larger pigs, which are incredibly hard to destroy. And, also You may not be able to destroy them with a single blow. So, figure out something using your surroundings. You can drop bombs on them or throw boulders.


1. Improved graphics,

2. Relaxing background audio,

3. Super fun gameplay.


1. New monetary systems should be improved.

Google Play Review:

4.5 out 5


Angry birds 2 MOD manages to keep the essence of its predecessor and also features some improvements to make it more fresh and lively. The game looks even better because of the improved graphics and animations. The available birds and game mechanics are fun and efficient. However, the monetary system may not satisfy if you are already addicted to binge all the levels.

Lastly, it’s one of those rare games that spreads joy to everyone. So, check it out.

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