9 Apps Like the Lucky Day

Ever used the lucky day app to earn money? If so, you must know how excellent an option it is to consider! For making money, it offers a versatile enjoyable game to play! And most of us have already become a big fan of this app.

However, is there any other app that offers instant cash like the lucky application? Yes, there is the availability of such apps! You must be here to know about those applications. First, let’s discuss why we use lucky apps.

Don’t almost all of us like to earn money by playing games? Of course, we do! That’s because it is one of the easiest ways of making money by playing the game.

The lucky day is such apps that offer you real money and rewards by playing the game. Now, what types of play do it provide? And what are those games that the other apps like lucky day offers?

 Through this article, we will disclose all of the features of all those applications. Let’s start!

Have you already used the lucky day application? If so, you must know what types of games it offers and where do we get it from!

The lucky day app is an available app on the google play store. With an android phone, you can easily download the app and play the game to make money.

The lucky day app offers raffle, scratchers, playing shots, and lotto games. Whoever plays these games with expertise can earn lots of money and rewards from this app without investment.

However, you have to register in these apps to become eligible to play its game. Let’s see the other apps of the google play store, which offers rewards like the lucky day app.

List of Apps Like a Lucky Day

Do you enjoy playing with the money-making app to earn some extra cash? In that case, the lucky day will be one of your best options as it’s the most popular apps.

But it’s common to get bored by playing the same app countlessly. That’s why people always look for something new and innovative.

Regardless of the lucky day app, there is a countless option of real cash earning apps. Let’s introduce them!

1. Lucky Scratches

Lucky scratch is a well-developed and user-friendly money-making app. It’s made for the user’s entertainment, yet you can win some cash with the app.

The app doesn’t collect the personal information of the users. So, if you’re worried about sharing your personal information, get relaxed about that!

However, the application is entirely free to download, register, and play.

2. Bingo Win

If you want an app like a lucky day, you can have another app the Bingo wins. It will offer you the enjoyment of the live tournament with amazing huge rewards and prices.

Nevertheless, the app is somewhat different from the lucky day regarding the rules and regulations. It will provide you great fun and interest with unique puzzles and huge prizes.

The rewards you get from the game can easily withdraw through your PayPal account.

3. AdLottery

Playing the lottery game is a hobby for most of us. Nevertheless, for physically playing the game, you’ll have to invest in the lottery ticket.

Fortunately, the AdLottery app makes an end of wasting so much money in purchasing lottery tickets. Instead, you can download and play the lottery game completely free.

However, this game has some terms and conditions like the other money-making game. To win the game’s reward and prize, you must have to know those rules and regulations.

Visit the official page of the AdLottery to know those required terms and regulations before starting the game.

4. Make money – Free cash rewards

Making money is one of the highest paying money applications that comes with real cash rewards. In 2020, the app has hit the top place among the other apps.

If you’re looking for the new rewards app, this is the application for you. Similar to the lucky day app, the app also offers thousands of credits, real cash, and so on.

 Every credit is worth real money with fast payment through PayPal. Earning those credits and big rewards is very easy with the high paying offers, surveys, and many more.

5. Big time cash – Make money free

With the app title, you must have understood; it’s going to offer you the big cash for free. You have to play any of the app’s games and manage tickets for drawing the prize money.

The lucky winners will get the thousands of dollars that the company has allocated for them. The game is straightforward yet comes with exciting features.

The mobile app Big time cash offers a tremendous number of exciting games. Therefore, at the first steps of those games, you might make less money. And, the more steps you cross, the more your earnings will increase through the games.

6. Earn cash – Music & Money games by current rewards

Earn some money is a free app that enables you to earn money by playing and listening to music. Yes, it’s possible to earn real cash through the music playing.

It’s a perfect side app that will offer you extra money rewards only for listening to music. Regardless of this, you can also get rewards through this app by playing games and watching short videos.

Furthermore, this app also enables us to earn money with its free offered apps and games. Similar to the other apps, this game also provides gift cards to its participants.

Get your rewards instantly from this app, and save your money while you’re shopping.

7. Lucky scratch

Lucky scratch is another fantastic app that offers you the opportunity to earn real money. It’s effortless to download, install, and use your smartphone.

It’s a 100% free money-making app; hence, this game is safe if you’re worried about paying. After entering the app, you will automatically get the basic ideas to sign up and join.

After signing into the app, your target will be finding and collecting the tokens of the game. However, it’s going to be lots of fun and enjoyable to search and win those tokens for your rewards.

8. InboxDollars Surveys

One of the money-making apps, which is quite different from the lucky day, is the InboxDollars surveys. Indeed, it offers real cash like the lucky day; but the app’s mode of earning money differs from the blessed day.

Unlike the lucky day application, you only have to complete some simple tasks in this app. The tasks include the surveys on a company’s products, services, performance, etc. Isn’t it exciting?

These surveys enable companies to improve their performance to hold the customers. In contrast, each survey will offer you real cash for the time you invested in the survey.

After completing the requirements of the app, you can start your work. The app offers a comparatively high price for attending the survey. Some also earn $5 within 30 minutes to attend the surveys of the app.

9. Easy cash app – Free Rewards Online earning app

Do you want to get paid for testing apps and surveys? Most of us like to earn money through a survey instead of playing regular games.

If you also like it, then install and use this app to earn money. It will offer you numerous videos, app testing, and paid surveys. Complete each task for earning some extra points.

All these tasks are free and easy to complete; hence you can do these tasks anywhere, anytime. The minimum payout limit for the app is $1, and fortunately, it has several payment options to choose from.

You can receive the payment through mobile recharge, gift cards, PayPal.

The sum up!

There are versatile types of money-making apps that offer multiple tasks regardless of playing a conventional game.

Not all the application pays equally or timely; most importantly, there is a lack of trustworthiness in the money-making app.

That’s why above, we have introduced high-rated apps like the lucky day. Hopefully, you will enjoy those apps like you’ve enjoyed the lucky day app.

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