Battery Charging Tips for Android Phones

We often had to change the battery of our smartphone after using it for a few months. Also, we often notice the battery is losing its power so fast. These phenomena could happen to any battery. However, even if it’s from a reputed brand or high capacity battery. Because most of the time, our little acts of misuse of battery charging lead to the short lifespan of our smartphone battery. We need to know the battery charging tips so that we can save our smartphone for longer.

We’re going to discuss some battery charging tips to increase the performance and the lifespan of your smartphone battery.

1. Use the Original Charger

  • Always try to use the original charger to charge your phone as it is familiar with the particular specifications of your phone.
  • Sometimes your original smartphone charger can stop working correctly, and then you need to buy a new charger.
  • Make sure you buy a new charger that matches the requirements of your smartphone model moreover because almost every different phone brand has a little additional need when it comes to current supply to the battery.
  • Although, it’s hard to find the replacement of the original charger. Moreover, which can always fulfill your battery need and keeps your batter functional for a long time.

So, remember to use the original charger to charge your smartphone battery. And don’t use an additional charger if you already have an original charger.

2. Detach the Protective Case from the Smartphone While Charging

Charging makes your smartphone a little warmer than usual. If your smartphone is also covered with a protective case, it won’t let the majority of heat out in the air, which increases the temperature of the smartphone a lot. Too much heat may harm your battery life in the long run.

Therefore, while you charge your smartphone, make sure to remove the protecting case so that the produced heat may dissipate.

3. Don’t use your Smartphone While Charging

Give your smartphone a bit of rest while you charge it. Assuming you have a good charger, it doesn’t a long time to fully charge a 5000 mAh battery.

When you use your smartphone while charging, the battery goes through a lot of pressure from two occurrences at the same time. When you use your phone, it generates heat too. It may be a lot less compared to the heat produced while charging. Both of these combined heats can subside your battery life.

That’s why pick a time to charge your smartphone when you don’t usually need it.

4. Don’t Charge your Smartphone Constantly

Sometimes we constantly keep charging our smartphone always to keep it fully charged. We also tend to let the battery discharge below 20%.

Try to plug in the charger before the battery goes below 20%. If you keep charging your phone after it goes below 20%, it will have a destructive impact on your smartphone battery life.

5. Don’t use Third-party Battery-Saving Apps

Most of the latest smartphones have power-saving mode. And, which can keep the charge for a more extended period than usual by turning off unnecessary functions and apps.

However, there is no need to install an extra battery saving app. It will always run in the background, restricts other apps function, and drains the battery. In short, a third-party app drains more power than its stores.

6. Try to Avoid Charging your Battery from 0%

  • If you want to keep your smartphone battery functioning for a long time, stop charging the battery from 0%.
  • It’s a good practice to keep your smartphone battery always more than 50%. Sometimes, we do forget charging our smartphone, and it gets switched off as the battery decreases to 0%.

So, don’t make this a repetitive thing; otherwise, your smartphone battery won’t last long. Always charge your smartphone before the battery goes below 20%.

7. Don’t Keep the Charger Attached to your Smartphone all Night

Many of us charge our smartphones before we go to sleep. However, find the phone fully charged when we wake up. Yes, not noticing once in a while if your phone is fully charged saves a little bit of time, but it slowly damages your battery.

After your phone is fully charged, if the charger is still attached to the phone, your battery will go through overheating. And, if you continue this, no matter what brand of smartphone you have, the battery will deteriorate slowly.

8. Try to Charge your Smartphone to at least 80%

We’re going to emphasize almost the same thing we’ve mentioned earlier. It is best always to maintain a maximum 80% battery charge to increase the life span of your battery.  If the battery charge goes below 20%, it puts a lot of stress on the battery when your charge it.

9. Use the Auto-brightness Feature

  • The Auto-brightness feature automatically adjusts the brightness of your smartphone based on the amount of light present in your surroundings. You can find these features in most of the smartphones nowadays.
  • It would be best if you had a higher brightness level. Therefore, when you’re outside but try to keep the brightness to a minimum, you can if you are in a room or you need less screen light.
  • It will slow down the draining of the battery charge.

10. Use the Power Saving Mode

It’s another useful mode to use less battery charge. We all face the situation when our smartphone battery goes below 20%, and we can’t charge it right then.

Click on the power-saving mode. It will lower the brightness and stops all the unnecessary apps running in the background. Moreover, this is an efficient method to keep the phone running longer in an emergency.

11. Disable the Location Service

  • Turning on location uses the battery more compared to a typical application. Try to keep using a google map for a while. And, you’ll see how fast it drains your phone battery charge.
  • Many apps ask access to your location, so don’t give location access if it’s not necessary.
  • All google service apps automatically turn on the location. If you’re using google map to search a place, turn off or disable the location mode of google service apps.

11. Customize your Smartphone Settings

Please don’t keep the Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS on when you are not using them. These features drain a lot of battery and also slow down other apps if you’re using multiple apps simultaneously while turning any of these features on the phone.

Please don’t use live wallpaper; instead, replace it with a static or image wallpaper. Keeping the background dark will save a lot of battery power.

12. Turn off Google Assistant

  • Are you aware that “Ok Google” is always running in the background?
  • It’s always on even when you’re not using it. Consequently, your phone charge decreases even if you keep the phone idle.
  • Click on the setting icon, then open ‘General’ and toggle the switch to OFF of “Ok Google.”

13. Turn on Airplane Mode at the Place of Weak Signal

  • In a weak signal, the battery goes through a heavy load while searching for signal frequently.
  • Consider using airplane mode to lessen the batter uses while you’re in the weak signal area. Turn off airplane mode when you get to a location where the network signal is comparatively better.
  • If you don’t find the airplane mode at the top of your smartphone screen, click on the settings icon, then open the Wireless and Network. And there you can turn on airplane mode.


We hope this article gives enough information to take care of your smartphone’s battery by this Battery Charging Tips for Android Phones article. If you follow some of these tips, you’re going to keep your battery functioning for a long time.

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