Best Free Workout Apps for Men

Everybody wishes for a fit and healthy body. But it's a big challenge for this modern world because everyone is busy with their own business.

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Many men always are busy with their work that they can't manage time to go to a gym centre. So here comes the question of how we can manage time for a workout to keep fit.

To face the contemporary issues, we need to search for a smart solution. You can do your regular exercise at home except go to a gym centre.

But you can have a common question that who will train me at home. So here, we will help to find a good trainer just through your smartphone or other devices.

By using a workout app, you can easily track the record of your work out with the help of a Smartphone. And these apps are free. They do not take any charges or subscription fees.

How can we select or find the perfect fitness app?

It's a significant problem that we often become confused; does my app suitable for my workout routine. To solve this puzzle, you can take our help. Here we will suggest you the excellent and satisfying app for you.

Let's have a look at some workout apps for men that are very popular and beneficial worldwide.

MyFitnessPal (Availability both in Android and IOS):

In the first position, ill suggests this app because it is something that you must install. Different people have different fitness goals according to their body condition. But this app will help you to achieve whatever purpose you have.

This app will help you to reach your fitness goal in many ways. For example, its tracking system is perfect, and it'll track all your workout data accurately. If you walk, it will follow your feet steps, and if you exercise, then it will count the number of calories you have burnt.

Besides, its most attractive and beneficial point is, it has more than 5 million databases on food with their nutritional values.

Its advantage doesn't stop here. It not only provides you with information on the food value but also comes with a scanning advantage. It has a unified barcode scanner, which will give you the nutritious info of a food.

Sometimes it allows you to import recipes and help you to count how many calories you take per day.

Some Features Of MyFitnessPal Apps At A Glance:

  • MyFitnessPal tracks is a free app.
  • It correctly tracks all workout data.
  • Thus, it is built with millions of databases on food.
  • It has a scanner barcode that provides nutritional food value.
  • Moreover, it counts the percentage of intake of calories per day.

1. Aaptiv workout app:

Sometimes you may feel bored to exercise all alone. So, if you find for a company or if you love to have a group fitness class, this app is for you.

This is an audio-based app. You'll find several high-qualify instructors here. Almost 20 top-level instructors are here for you.

There are more than 2500 unique sessions are available in this app. These sessions are divided into 12 categories. You can have your own choice to select the class which you want to follow.

This app can be operated both on the Android or the iOS phone.

Some features of Aaptiv workout app at a glance:

  • It provides different and high-quality instructors.
  • Therefore, it has many categories to follow. So, it offers you a select option.
  • It is an app where many suggestions come through audio recording.

  • 2. JEFIT Workout app:

    The JEFIT app is for the gym freak people. We have already discussed two workout apps, but they are suitable for those who are not much eager to go to a gym.

    If you are a gym lover person, then this is the app you got to install. This app provides around 1500 gym exercises, which are well explained.

    It will give you the exercise description. But apart from it, it will show the image or video of the exercise to help you properly. So, you don't have any chances to be bored here.

    Some features of JEFIT workout app at a glance:

  • It comes with thousands of exercises.
  • Every instruction is understandable.
  • A gym freak person will get all sorts of auditory and virtual instruction of the exercise.
  • This app will work as a personal trainer for a gym person.

  • 3. Sworkit Workout app:

    This app will provide you with some easy exercise which you may do at home easily.

    So, in bad weather or if you don't have a mood to go out, you can install it to fulfil your daily workout demand. By installing this app it will help you to work out properly by relaxing at home. You must give them the current fitness level and the future goal set by yourself. Then by analyzing everything, this app will provide you with a 6- week fitness plan to achieve your goal.

    Some features of Sworkit Workout App at a glance:

    • This smart app is for the people who are not too keen to visit a Gym.
    • A person can easily set his workout regime through this app.
    • By entering the current info of one's fitness level, a person can easily reach his future workout goal.
    • As this app is free, it will save one's money and gym subscription fees.

    4. 4Keelo Fitness app:

    This is an app designed for those who are willing to do heavy exercise to lose weight.

    If you are searching for a calorie burn exercise and a muscle gain workout, you can use it. This called HIIT workout in a short form. The full way is a High-intensity interval workout.

    These exercises usually last for around 20minutes. This is a very fast-paced exercise, and that's why it is not easy to operate. But if you can manage to do it, then it will be beneficial for you.

    Some features of Keelo Fitness app at a glance:

  • This app is handy for those who want to lose weight and to bulk up in the gym.
  • It is applicable for the high- intensity interval workout.
  • This app is for fast-paced exercise.
  • For calorie burning, this app is handy.

  • 5. Nike Training Club:

    Who do cardio workout and want to lose their weight by jogging, this app is for them. It is more suitable for athletes and runners. It will help you to keep data on your cardio workouts.

    Nike+ Run Club has become one of the most successful projects in the virtual world.

    This Nike training club is associated with more than 180 routines from the trainer. One can do Yoga, jogging, stretch, and more exercise with it.

    This app also adds content from the famous personalities associated with Nike like Selena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kevin Hart.

    Some Features of Nike Training Club at a glance:

  • This app is for people who are more prone to running and jogging.
  • For athletes, this app is highly effective.
  • It keeps the record of the cardio workout data.
  • This app is very workable to lose weight by jogging.
  • It is a free app.

  • 6. FIT Radio Workout app for Men:

    It creates rhythm in a person to do their best in the workout. You can choose the right music to increase power in the exercise. Besides, it has a different genre of music, which gives you an option to select your favourite one. You can do Spin, Zumba, or Yoga with it.

    After downloading the mixed radio music, you can play it without an internet connection. It's an extra advantage to its user.

    Some features of FIT Radio workout app at a glance:

  • It comes with premium features.
  • It has the best music application.
  • Different kinds of workouts are free here to use.
  • You can select the type of music you want to hear.
  • For power workout, it has a different type of music categories.
  • For Android and IOS, it is free.

  • 7. Endomondo Workout app for men:

    This app also works to track your workout and to plan to achieve the goal in a short period.

    The most standard feature of it is that you can create your fitness challenge and share it with your friends through social media.

    Some features of Endomondo Workout app at a glance:

  • It is free for both Android and iOS.
  • You can easily keep a record of your workout session through it.
  • You can share your workout videos on social media.
  • This app also has many types of workout programs.
  • Many experts in this app can suggest you the best workout you need.

  • 8. Charity Miles Workout app for men:

    This app generally tracks the phone's GPS when a person is running. So, this app is for those who prefer to run than exercise.

    Each time when you open this app, a charity will be picked by you. If you are cycling for an hour, you will earn 10 cents, and if you walk for an hour, you will receive 30 cents.

    It will also show you the advertisement for the sponsor who is donating charity.

    Besides from donation of money to charity, it'll motivate you to be honest with your workout.

    Some features of the Charity Miles workout app at a glance:

  • This app is also a charity app which gives you money according to your workout.
  • It is a free app for iPhone / android.
  • It helps to track time and others.
  • The more you run, the more money you will found for charity purposes.

  • 9. MapMyRun Workout app for men:

    People who love to explore new ideas and places this app is very convenient for them. It will help a person to keep track of the place where he is jogging. So, you don't have the risk of loss in an area.

    In the time of jogging, it will give you instructions and will warn you if you run too far away.

    Its best option is its GPS tracking system. It will tell which route is more comfortable for running. It will tell you not to run in the road where traffic is available.

    Some features of the MapMyRun app at a glance:

  • It has a GPS tracker.
  • Moreover, it will instruct you while jogging and even protect you from getting lost.
  • It will help you to find the less likely traffic area.
  • This app is very convenient for exploring new areas.
  • And, it is a free app that doesn't cost any charge.

  • 10. Run Keeper Workout App for men:

    This app is somewhere like the previous app. It also has a GPS tracker. But this app will not instruct you to choose the less traffic area.

    Instead, it will help you know how much you have run and how many calories you burn.

    Some features of the Run Keeper workout app for men at a glance:

  • It is a free app and very convenient.
  • It has a GPS tracker.
  • This app is a complete instructor for you.

  • 11. Zombies, Run workout app for men:

    If you are a zombie movie and series fan, then this app is much preferable for you.

    This app work to make your exercise schedule enjoyable.

    This app is included with a Zombie named exergame. If you want to make progress in the game, you need to run fast. Otherwise, the zombies will catch you.

    Once you make an excellent performance, they will give you a hard task gradually.

    You can customize your running space here.

    Some features of Zombies, Run workout app at a glance:

  • It has a GPS tracker.
  • It makes the workout more enjoyable.
  • Final word:

    Everyone is familiar with the proverb that "Health is wealth." Everybody wants to be physically fit. So, you must punctually take physical exercise. Exercise helps you to boost your immune system. But very often we don't take exercise regularly and miss our workout routine.

    So, if you don't want to hamper your workout schedule, you must follow a workout app. You can follow any workout app, which I have already mentioned there. And you don't need to carry any cost as they provide you with free service.

    These apps are like a workout centre. But the use of an app will save your money and time. So, be determined to exercise from today. Grab the best app for you like your trainer.

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