Hill Climb Racing 2

1.37.5 for Android


Hill Climb Racing 2 Apk Mod

If you like racing games where slow jeeps are going through uneven surfaces of amazing graphics and earn a lot of coins by jumping tactfully, you’ll like Hill Climb Racing 2. This game is challenging games. However, you can also enjoy another challenging game like this. The games name is “Tanks A Lot! Realtime Multiplayer Battle Arena”. You will enjoy these games besides the hill climb racing 2 mod. To Find the game check the link.

It’s a sequel to Hill Climb Racing, and it’s a lot better than its predecessor. This game is may not be like those faster racing games like Asphalt, but it has its charm. Once you play it, you’ll know how fun it is. And if you’ve already played Hill Climb Racing, I don’t have to assure you. 

So, why don't we hop on a ride and know a little bit more about the game?

  • There are weekly live multi-player events.
  • You can unlock new vehicles and choose the best one for your racing style!
  • Therefore, you can easily upgrade and improve the performance of your vehicles.
  • You also have the privilege to customize your ride with various tuning parts that you can match, mix, and upgrade individually.
  • Moreover, you can be put on various cool character skins and can paint your vehicles with excellent colors.
  • There are so many environments to race in, Dirt, Asphalt, and even the moon!
  • Graphics are great and also optimized for high and low-resolution devices
  • The most fantastic subject is, you can add your friends and race against them.
  • Gems and coins will take the leaderboards where you can compete with the best players.
  • So, you will get infinite gems and coins by using Mod hacks info. With the mod hacks info, you can unlock all vehicles and all worlds. Also, you can increase the speed of your car after opening them.

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APK Overview Information:


Hill Climb Racing 2


Android 4.2






1.37.4 (Latest)



MOD Features

Unlimited Money



APK Description:

This game has similarities with Hill Climb Racing, where you usually ride a vehicle driven by a character named Newton Bill or Jill running along a bumpy hill.

  • You will have two-stepping pedals. These pedals can accelerate and act as brakes. You can use these pedals to avoid being overturned while crossing the steep slopes. Also, you can overcome obstacles in different environments with these pedals. And remember to collect scattered coins along the way.
  • Hill climb Racing 2 has the previous adventure mode, which lets you drive non-stop until any trouble or if you run out of fuel. But new cups racing mode can give an exciting chance to take short races with other players.
  • By continuously winning the cup and further increasing your rankings, you can unlock whole new environments and cool new cars. You'll have only five vehicles in the free version, but you can 29 more cars with a three-year-long update.
  • Each of the cars will have unique characteristics. Jeep cars are slow but steady, lightweight scooters, and super-fast jeeps that are capable of being in the air. Mastering the basics of these cars help you to prepare for the next race and also make you able to cope with new challenges on the track to upgrade its properties.
  • This game has more diverse environment settings than its predecessor. In its predecessor, you can only climb and downhill in the valley. However, you can cross hills, plains, ferry bridges, and other similar dozens of challenging obstacles.
  • Each car has a few free upgrades. Free upgrades will have a yellow button. When you click on it, at first you have to watch a promotional video and then you can able to use these upgrades. There are three ways to earn money in this game. The first one is to collect money, and the second one is more obvious; use cash to buy them. The last one is the simplest, use a MOD version of the game.
  • Despite being built with 2D graphics, Finger soft has made some impressive improvements in graphics. Fresher colors, explosive effects, diverse environments, laws of physics combined to make the game more entertaining.
  • MOD version has an Unlimited Money feature where Diamond will increase if you use it. Also, you can buy some in-app items for free. You can't see unlimited money even though I have installed the MOD version because payment will only increase when you spend it, such as upgrading a car or buying a new car.
  • Newton Bill shouldn’t stop until he overcomes the highest hill in the game. And you should help in this endeavour in the diverse mission system of the game. Of course, you need to spend hours mastering the ability to overcome all the obstacles of this terrain driving game. And without a doubt, you will have an excellent time playing this game if you like racing games.


1. Bright and colorful graphics,

2. Hilarious physics,

3. Crazy fun races,

4. Loads of customization,

5. Consumer-friendly.


1. It could use some more vehicles.

How to Install the APK file:

Your phone android system needs to be Android 4.2 and up to install the mod APK file. Let's guide you through the necessary steps.

  • First, search and download the APK File of Hill Climb Racing 2.
  • Store the Downloaded APK in your Phone or SD Card.
  • Then open your Mobile Settings, then go to Security, finally, Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Click install, and this app will ask access to Wi-Fi connection information, give it access to view Wi-Fi connections. It will ask storage and media access to read the contents of your USB storage as well as modify or delete the contents of your USB storage. Also, the app needs to have full internet access to receive data from the internet.
  • The installation will take a few moments.
  • After going through these steps, your app is ready. Enjoy!

Google Play User Ratings:

4.4 out of 5


Hill Climb Racing 2 has every potential to be a great sequel. It possesses all the elements that made the original a fun ride. And, there are beneficial changes to its detriments. Moreover, also adds a lot of features to create a unique product of its own. Furthermore, it's a very consumer-friendly app as it has no energy meters, no paywall.

So, no ads bothering you in the middle of the game. Whether you want to see an advertisement that's entirely up to you as an advertisement will only appear if you click a particular tab. Therefore, it's one of the most fun mobile games.

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