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Hitmasters Online Game: Download Free

Are you bored of playing popular shooting games like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike?

Are you looking for playing some less extreme? But more exciting action games? Well, we also suggest finding more action games from this link.

We can show a  game called Hitmasters. You can quickly found the games and the game hitmasters download free!! As the name suggests, you’ll act as a hitman who eliminates people. Therefore, but he doesn’t stop there. And, he also needs to solve puzzle-like challenges on each level in creative ways!

Let’s find out more about the game.

Hitmasters is an action game with interesting puzzle-like challenges. However, where you not only have to shoot. But also figure out ways to solve problems with a few resources at your disposal. You’re going to be a hitman in this game who continually needs to find creative ways to kill his enemies. Moreover, face other challenges like detonating bombs, cutting strings.

APK Overview Information:

App Name



85 M

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Android Requirement

5.0 and up

Content Rating

Rated for 12+

Moderate Violence


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Features of Hitmasters:

  • Simple and easy game controls.
  • You’ll have to overcome thrilling challenges and bosses.
  • There are four unique game modes for you to enjoy.
  • You’ll have a wide array of outfit and guns at your disposal.
  • Sharp 2D flat graphics.

APK Description:

Well, if you don’t know about details about the games, you will never find out the specific reason for download the game. So, you should know every detail about the games before you download. Lets; go for more information.

Description in Details:

Hitmaster tries something new with mixing puzzle and action genre. The player becomes a hitman with lots of guns which only focuses only on killing off bad guys in each level. You have the option to clear challenges on each level. And,  not just with shooting but also with solving puzzles. However, you can also check the Shadowgun War Games for more excitement!

Limited Movement:

Keep in mind that you have limited movement ability. So, it would be best if you were precise and attentive before taking any shots. As you advance in the game, you’ll face a lot of enemies and obstacles.

With the usual challenges on each level, you’ll need to defeat a powerful boss character in every ten levels.

The game controls are straightforward. To shoot, you only need to point the screen where you want to shoot. And, then release your fingers to remove the bullet.

Excitement increase in Upper Level:

Hitmasters looks like a simple game, but you’ll find some aspects of the game challenging. You have to analyze carefully to solve the puzzle and eliminate the targets simultaneously. There’re a few tips that can help you in the game.

Your primary purpose of the game is to solve the puzzle and to eliminate the target with a limited collection of bullets. Because of limited bullets, you can’t waste bullets. Analyze the patterns around you before taking each shot. Try to find the right pattern so that you can kill your enemies by one shot.  So, Remember to be frugal about bullets in this game.

Therefore, finishing each level depends on your ability to utilize the weapons effectively. You need to understand the role of each weapon and figure out how to use them properly. You may find some guns confusing like the object sucking gun. Make sure you practice using these guns.

Game with Unique Modes:

There are four unique modes for you to choose from the games. With shotgun mode, you can spray bullets with a shotgun. Moreover, and have great action in close range. In gravity mode, you can quickly eliminate enemies with object sucking gun. If you want to use something with precision to take long-distance shots like sniper rifles, there’s a mode a name Ricochet mode. And lastly, if you’re going to throw toxic acid pitchers to kill your opponents, you can choose the Toxic method.

You can acquire a new gun after finishing ten consecutive levels. There’s also a wide array of outfits to dress your character to be more relaxed. However, you need to spend money to buy outfits, so your outfits wisely.


1. A wide array of outfits and guns,

2. Puzzle and action at the same time,

3. Exciting but straightforward game-play.


1. Too many Ads.

Google Play Review:

4.1 out of 5


The game doesn’t have 3D graphics, but the sharp 2D graphics look good. As the obstacles are puzzle-like on each level. The makers have made you can see the whole level before starting. However, the fun characters and overall sound effects complement the challenges of the game. So, you’ll have a fabulous time with this well-designed game.

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