How to Clear the Clipboard on Android?

Clearing the clipboard on android is one of the easiest tasks, although you don't know how to do it! It's an android phone, which includes the simplest and user-friendly interface. That's why it's easy and timesaving to execute any type of tasks through these devices.

If you don't know How to Clear the Clipboard on Android, we'll talk about it. Let's first grab the idea of what types of content you're trying to copy or delete. Is it a full text or just a link? It's possible to clear from the android's clipboard with just a few clicks, no matter the content. Stick to us to know versatile ways of disabling the clipboard on android.

Some people find it difficult to delete the clipboard history from their android phone. But the fact is, clearing the clipboard is very easy when it's your android phone. If you search, you'll find versatile ways of removing the clipboard of the android.

So, Is It Possible to Access and Delete the Clipboard History In Android? Here we have researched several possible ways of deleting the previous history from the android's clipboard. Let's learn them.

1. Use the manual method:

The manual method is the common way of copying, pasting, and clearing the android's clipboard. If you're a regular android user, it mightn't get so worried for you to clear the clipboard.

The previous text and link will get deleted after you copy the new text. Yes, the text will remain stored in the clipboard storage; nevertheless, it won't create any disturbance when you copy and paste a new text. Don't worry if you want to clear the stored caches of the clipboard permanently. When you boast the android phone, the text on the clipboard will get erased the right way.

2: Erase through phone's keyboard:

Using the phone's keyboard for deleting text is another quickest way of clearing the clipboard. Follow our given steps to clearing the clipboard through the phone's keyboard.

  • Step 1: Open the message application of your phone, and long click on the empty box.
  • Step 2: When you press on the empty box for some time, you'll see two options. 1st one is a paste, and 2nd one is the clipboard. Click on the clipboard; you'll see all the previous copied text on the clipboard.
  • Step 3: Click on the text which you want to delete. You will notice the delete icon on the top of the phone's screen. Select the text in the clipboard, which you want to delete and press on the delete icon.

In this way, you can remove all the copied text from the clipboard if you want.

3. How to clear the clipboard on android by Using the phone's settings:

Now, we will introduce you to a way to erase the trashed files and the copied texts. Why don't you use the phone's setting to erase the caches of the clipboard? Here are the consecutive measures you need to take for clearing the clipboard in this process.

  • Step 1: Go to the setting of the phone and enter the application management. Find out the application which stores the copied caches from the app management.
  • Step 2: Once you find out the application, erasing the copied text is very simple. Just click on the clear cache, and all your copied text will get deleted.
Frankly, you don't have to boast, restart, or switch off the phone for erasing those texts if you follow this way.

4. Install clipboard clearer application:

Clearing the clipboard through the clipboard application is possibly the best method when it comes to the android. There are numerous applications you will find in the google play store for cache clearing.

Here we have identified two useful applications among them.

a. Clipboard clearer application:

One of the recommended applications among them is the "clipboard clearer apps." It's very easy to use, and hence, you can clear your phone's clipboard without any tips or anything.

  • Just install the clipboard application and open it. The application will automatically redirect you to clear the clipboard of the android.
  • If you find the other ways difficult to remove the clipboard text, it's the easiest way for anyone. Simply use the app to delete the clipboard text if you don't want to waste your time.

b. Clipper clipboard manager:

Another remarkable clipboard management application is the clipper clipboard manager. It lets you enter all the previous records of the clipboard and change them as you wish.

Let's see How to clear the clipboard on android through the Clipper Clipboard Manager Application.

  • Step 1: Enter the google play store on your android phone. Search for the clipper clipboard manager in the search bar.
  • Step 2: Install the clipboard application and launch it on your phone. Now, whenever you copy any text or link, this will automatically appear in the application. After entering the application, you will be able to see those texts.
  • Step 3: To delete any of the text among them, click on the three dots on the text's right side. You will see versatile options, including edit, pin, move, delete, etc. Click on the delete option to erase the data from the clipboard.
  • Step 4: Furthermore, if you want to delete all the previous text without losing time, select them. Afterward, click on the delete icon, which resides on the top of the screen.

Eventually, when you use the analog system to remove, you might remove only the previous text. It's the clipboard applications with which you can manage all the earlier records at a chance.

The Sum Up!

Basically, it doesn't matter whether you have cleared your android's clipboard or not. Your work won't get stopped for that. So, don't get worried about the Best Way to Clear The Clipboard On Android. It's easy to do in versatile ways.

The more advanced your android phone is, the more innovative feature it will provide you. So, if you have an android phone in your hand, you'll automatically learn everything compulsory to do.

And the same case goes with the clipboard when you need to delete its history. So when the question, how to clear the clipboard on android arise, you can follow our given ways to remove the information from your android's clipboard.

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