How to Fix Black Screen on an Android Phone?

Is your mobile screen blinking continuously but not responding? Or is it making continuous awkward sounds unnecessarily? Perhaps, there has occurred a critical system error, or you have given the excess charge to the phone.

Regardless of this, there are numerous reasons which are responsible for making the phone’s screen black. But most of us don’t know how to fix the black screen on the android phone. Moreover, if you know more about helpful apps or need more updates/popular games, you can check the link.

Therefore, are you looking for information on how to fix the black screen on an android phone? That’s what we are about to figure out in this study. If you want to fix your problematic phone without making additional costs, stick to us.

The issues which usually cause the black screen on the android, here we have identified them. Let’s see what the common reasons which cause the black screen of the android are!

1. Using malicious applications

When we use multiple applications on our phone, we cannot notice some of them might be malicious applications. If you install a hostile or unstable application in your android, it might make the phone’s screen black.

2. Full of caches in storage

If your storage becomes full of caches, it might cause a malicious attack on your android phone. Regardless, the maximum storage may increase slower the speed of the phone’s activities.

As a consequence, you might face a worse situation with the black screen of the android.

3. Using faulty hardware

Using the faulty hardware on the android phone also causes the black screen in it. The defective hardware includes the problematic battery, faulty charger, difficulties in functionalities, etc.

4. Overcharging

Overcharging the phone is also a crucial reason for the android’s getting blank. If your cellphone continuously gets charged even after refilling the battery, it might cause battery damage.

Regardless, it enables a black screen on your phone, which needs to be fixed immediately.

Simple Tricks to Fix the Black Screen of the Android Phone

Do you know how to fix the black screen on the android phone?

When your phone’s screen gets black, at first, you need to apply some simple tricks to fix it. But if you don’t know those tricks, let’s know about them.

Method 1: Reboot/Restart the phone

No matter why your phone has become blank, the first thing you need to do is reboot it. Rebooting/ restarting the phone fixes lots of problems.

Just tap the power button until the phone’s screen turns entirely black. Once the phone’s light is completely gone, wait for some time and let the phone cool. Afterward, restart the phone by tapping the power button for some time.

Method 2: Wait for the android’s battery becomes dead

The second option is waiting for the android’s battery to become dead. When the charge of the battery gets finished, charge the phone and turn it on.

If a strong virus attacks your phone, the restart button mightn’t work. In such a situation, waiting for the battery’s full charge will be the right decision.

Method 3: Remove the android’s battery

Is your phone’s battery removable? Then you don’t have to wait for the battery’s getting dead even if the restart button is not working.

Remove the battery from the phone directly if it’s not working. Let the shower and phone’s fixtures cool. After that, reinstall the battery and tap the power on the button of the phone.

If there is no major problem on the phone, the phone should work then.

How to Fix the Black Screen on the Android Phone?

Have there occurred any abnormal issues with your phone? In that case, fixing the black screen on the android phone through restarting mightn’t be possible.

Don’t worry! With the help of a computer, you also can fix the problem. But, how to fix a black screen on the android phone on the computer. To do so, you must follow our given steps here.

Step 1: Install the program “broken android data recovery.”

The program which is going to fix your problematic phone is the “broken android data recovery.” So, download, install, and then launch the program on your computer.

Step 2: Connect your problematic phone

After running the program on the computer, attach your problematic phone to the computer through a cable. Move to the homepage of the program and select the “Fix device” mode.

Step 3: Select the model of the phone.

Now, enter the pop-up window of the program. Here you’ll find several problematic issues regarding the android phone. Some of those issues are water damage, a stuck device in the download, a black screen, a stuck tool in the startup, etc.

Select the “black screen” problem from those options and select your phone’s model.

Step 4: Enter your android phone in download mode

To begin the repairing process, you need to enter the phone into the program’s download mode. For that, at first turn off your phone. Now, press the lower volume button (-), home, and power button simultaneously.

Afterward, hold the upper volume button (+), and this step will direct you to the download mode. To start the android’s repairing process, click on “start,” which you’ll find in the download mode.

Step 5: Fix the issues of the phone.

When you click on the “start” option, the program will run its recovery process. It will first download the recovery package, which will fix the selected problem of the android.

Step 6: Recover the deleted data.

Has the data of your phone been deleted due to the black screen problem? Fortunately, these data also can be recovered through this program. That means you can recover all your erased pictures, contacts, messages, etc. of your phone.

The sum up!

Indeed, repairing a problematic phone is one of the big tasks, especially when fixing a blinking phone. If you can fix the phone by yourself, it will save your expense of repairing your phone’s black screen.

But how to fix the black screen on an android phone? Hopefully, it wouldn’t be a problem after going through our complete article.

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