How to Fix Corrupted SD Card?

Have you encountered an SD card issue recently? It is a common issue nowadays. If you wonder if it is possible to fix the corrupted SD card, you are in the right place. We’ve got a few solutions for you to deal with this problem. Moreover, sometimes we face a problem with apps running in background android programmatically. So, you also can check how to stop apps running in the background!

Well, now we’re going to make you aware of multiple procedures to fix your SD card. Furthermore, we have included further information’s like how to spot a corrupted SD card, a few tips on keeping your SD card functional, etc.

Okay, let’s find out How To Fix A Corrupted SD Card On Android Without A Computer.

  • Notifications showing your SD is damaged,
  • Files are removed or deleted from your device without your permission,
  • While connecting to another device, a message shows “your SD card is not formatted” and “do you want to format it now?”
  • You can’t copy any image, videos, or files to an SD card,
  • You can’t remove or delete any files from the SD card,
  • Despite being able to view files, you can’t add new ones.

How to Fix a Corrupted SD Card?

Sometimes we face this problem. It’s disconcerting when we are feeling tensed to losing our urgent file with the SD Card. So, it’s essential to fix the SD Card. So, let’s know how to fix a corrupted SD Card?

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1. Insert the Corrupted SD Card to Another Device

  • It’s a simple method to fix a corrupted SD card. It’s more like a hit and trial method where you measure the SD card’s functionality with other devices to figure out the SD card issues.
  • Your SD card can be corrupted by device malfunctioning or file system errors. Bring out your SD card from your phone and attach it to another device’s memory slot.
  • Not only another Mobile Phone, but you can also attach the SD card with any suitable slot of a camera, mobile phone, laptop, or device with a similar memory slot.
  • If the SD card works on the device, then either your phone is incompatible with the SD card, or there are issues in your smartphone that is causing the SD card to malfunction.
  • If the SD card works on other devices, store the files on a PC or laptop. Then, tuck the SD card into your phone and restart the phone. Most of the time, this procedure fixes the issues with the SD card. If this procedure can’t fix your SD card problem, try the following methods.

2. Format the Corrupted SD Card

Formatting the SD card almost guarantees to solve most of the SD card issues, but it comes with a cost. Formatting means you’ll lose all of your data. We are repeating it; all of your data will be lost. So, if it is possible, try to store the data in a PC or Laptop before formatting the SD card.

Are you wondering how to format an SD card?

  • Go to Settings on your Android device. Then, scroll to the Storage or Memory tab and find your SD card option. Click to find the formatting option and confirm by clicking okay to ‘Erase and Format’ option. After the formatting is finished, go to your file manager or Gallery to check if the SD card is working or not.
  • Once your SD card is formatted, you can go to your File Manager or Gallery to see if the SD card functions correctly.

3. Use an SD Card Repair solution

There are many apps, plugins, or tools out there online labeled as SD card repairers. You can easily find apps in Google Play Store, which can help repair your corrupted SD card. If none of those mentioned above ways work out, try SD card repairers from a trusted source.

4. Write Command Line From A PC Or Laptop (Optional)

This method requires a Pc or laptop. If you are not interested in trying out any of these methods mentioned above, try this method.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to learn coding or any particular command line to try this procedure. You can find these command lines available online. Just attach the SD card to a PC or laptop, then write and run these command lines.

Does Removing The SD Card Delete Everything?

  • Formatting the SD card delete everything but removing the SD card without unmounting may lose some data.
  • Before removing an SD card from your phone, remember to unmount the SD card from the device
  • How Do I Move Apps Back To Internal Storage From An SD Card?
  • First, go to Settings. Then, find Storage. Here, you’ll see an option to move apps back to internal Storage from an SD card. Click on it.


Now you’re aware of how to fix a corrupted SD card on android without a computer. While doing any of these procedures may seem a bit strenuous, you can recover the data most of the time. We hope you can successfully fix your corrupted SD card with any of these procedures.

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