How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android Without a Computer?

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, but sometimes it can create problems too. We all know a person who has mistakenly texted someone else, accidentally deleted a photo or a text, or even dialed someone without even realizing it. These are common mistakes while using a touch screen phone.

What if you have mistakenly deleted an important text. You are not in a position to use any computer, but you need to recover it immediately. So, don’t start panicking. We will now discuss how to recover deleted text messages on android without a computer. Please read along.

Well, this question comes quite naturally! If you want to start doing something, you would want to fix the goal first. Well, if you can not recover the deleted texts, then there's no point in researching for it further. The good news is, you can recover the text messages by putting in some effort. When you delete a text, it is not completely erased. If you can put back the scattered memory bits again, you can retrieve the deleted messages.

1. Restore Data By Phone Backup

If you have backed up your data, you can get back your deleted messages. However, this backup has to be in Google drive. But keep in mind that you have to use a new smartphone. Moreover, only when you log in with a new device you can retrieve the messages. For that, you have to follow some steps. The steps are given below:

  • Sign in to your google account with the new device.
  • Click on the 'restore' button during the device setup.
  • After completing the setup, check your message folder.

This method may always not work, but it's worth a try.

2. Use Carriers To Get Back Lost Message

The mobile operator or network you use on your phone is your phone carrier. They store all texts and call logs for security purposes. The only catch is, they might not help you in any ordinary situation. If your situation Is crucial and important, you have to proceed legally. Therefore, the mobile operators may help if you involve the police in the matter.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android Without a Computer

First of all, many people think it's not possible to get back deleted messages. Moreover, they also think it's impossible to retrieve messages without the help of a PC. And, the bright side is, it's entirely possible to recover deleted messages.

Some Recovery Apps to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android Without a Computer

To recover deleted text messages on android without a computer, you need to install some applications on your device. Here, we try to describe some app to recover deleted text messages on android.

1. Dr.Fone App

Dr.Fone app is the world's first recovery application, as they claim. Alongside texts, it can also recover photos, videos, contacts, and more. You can download the application from the play store.

After the installation, when you open it, a root access notification will appear. You have to click on the Agree button to continue the process. After this step is completed, you have to click on the message recovery menu. By clicking on the 'scan' option, a list of your deleted messages will appear. Then you can choose which message you want to restore.

2. Gt File Recovery App

Though you don't need any previous backup or a computer for this app to work, you need to root your device. Moreover, you will have to download it from the play store. After opening the app, you will see a button called 'start scan' .

After clicking on the scan button, the app will ask for root permission. When, this step is done, the app will start scanning deleted messages. From the list of the scanned messages, you have to select which messages you want to recover. Therefore, after marking the messages, click on the 'Recover selected SMS' . Thus, your messages will be recovered.

X-Plore File Manager

This application is also free on the play store. After installing it, you need to open the mail folder. Sometimes the system folders may be hidden, so you have to find it out. Firstly, tap on the menu button. You will see a Tools button. After clicking on it, click on 'configuration'.

However, after doing all these, you can open the mail folder and choose which message you want to recover from the list. Just like the other application mentioned above, this application also requires to root your phone.

3. SMS Backup+ App

SMS backup+ app is also a useful tool to use if you have somehow deleted your important texts. Although it's a great tool, it has a drawback. This app has to be pre-installed before you have lost your data.

After installing it, connect it to your Gmail account. After syncing, tap on the button that says – backup messages. The backup process will take some time, depending on the number of your messages. Therefore, after the process is finished, if you go to your Gmail account, you will see a separate bar for your SMS's. All your messages will be there.

Always turn on the automatic backup options to avoid trouble. However, this is done, you just have to tap on the restore button if you accidentally delete your texts.

4. Undeleter

This app does an amazing job when it comes to recovering any deleted data. For an outstanding job, you have to pay the price. Unlike the other apps mentioned earlier, you have to purchase this app from the play store.

This app can retrieve from notes to videos, MMS, pictures, and of course, texts. It has a special preview window by which you can see the deleted texts. Undoubtedly this app also requires phone rooting.

Tips For Getting The Best Result From The Apps:

Before you jump on to installing the applications on your phone, you should stick by some rules to get the maximum result from those apps. Some actions you might consider are listed below:

1. Avoid Overwriting Data

If you have deleted any text and want to recover it, stop using any other app. Also do not browse the internet; refrain from taking pictures and sending messages. By doing so, the memory of the device will get overwritten. If the memory gets overwritten, then the recovery process will be troublesome.

2. Take Quick Action

After realizing that you have deleted an important text, take quick actions to get the optimum result. The more you wait, the chance of recovery gets less. Be very prompt to take action. Be it any app installation or restoring data, do not waste any moment.

3. Find Out A Reliable App

Always make sure you use a reliable app. Otherwise, you may download a useless app that can overwrite the memory and lengthen the process. An unreliable app can have a virus that can harm your device. Do dome research and then select an app that has been proven to work by other people.

4. Do Not Restart

Under any circumstance, do not restart or reboot your phone. This way, the device may erase any cache memory it had. Many people make this mistake, hoping that they will get back their lost texts. Without realizing it, it is a huge mistake that will cancel out any chances of getting them back.

5. Backup Data Timely

Accidents can happen anytime, so it's best to be always prepared. You can avoid any unwanted situation if you back up your data timely. Backing up your data in google drive will save you time and hassle. You would not need to look for applications to install.


As we have discussed how to recover deleted text messages on android without a computer, so we hope you got a basic idea. Now you can recover any deleted text as well as other deleted items too. Do not forget to follow the tips mentioned above. Also, be careful if you plan to root your phone as the security system may get weak.

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