How to Stop Apps Running in the Background Android Programmatically?

Most of us who use the Android operating system in our smartphone is familiar with RAM's struggle to maintain its speed while supporting too many apps. Apps running in the background is one of the prime reason for the slow speed of android and the fast draining of the smartphone battery. In this article, we will show you how to stop apps running in the background android programmatically.

To stop app there are some different ways you can apply. Here below, we try to describe some useful techniques for stopping app from running in the background.

1. Force Stop Manually

Manually using the force stop process is the most effective way to stop running apps in the backgrounds. First, go to the Settings. Then find the Developer options. After that, click on the Processes. Here, you can see all the running apps. You can enter one app settings at a time and click on force stop. So, you can't select all the apps at the same time; instead, go to each app and manually force stop the app.

Be aware of the app you're shutting because if you accidentally force stop a system app, your operating system may not function properly or crash.

2. Use Background Executing Limits from Android Oreo

Android Oreo has surfaced not so long ago. This operating system has a special feature called Background Execution Limits. This feature puts restrictions on apps running in the background. However, this operating system isn't widespread to all devices, and not all apps can support android Oreo. Only certain apps that are updated to function with this operating system can be restricted from running in the background with this feature.

3. The Doze feature

Android marshmallows have recently introduced a feature called Doze feature to act as a battery saver. Tap this feature and choose battery optimization. Then select the app you want to control or exit and click on optimize. The selected app will be frozen when you are not using the device, or the screen is off. It's a nice feature to save battery as well as control background running apps.

4. Use Greenify

Install Greenify from Google Play Store if you are a rooted user. After you've finished installing Greenify, open it, and select all the apps you want to stop running in the background. Once you finish selecting all the apps, click hibernate. Now, Greenify will prevent the selected apps from running in the background.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do apps keep running in the background?

The main purpose of any developer would be to make the user engage with the app as much as possible. That's why the apps are programmed to run in the background if they momentarily stop using the app features. This background running option is useful for apps like a messenger or other social media apps where we constantly like to respond to texts whenever we receive them. However, this background running absorbs a lot of battery power and requires more cache memory.

Should I use task manager apps?

You may have used the computer's task manager option to free up memory, but don't be tempted to use task manager apps in android. The operating system of android is designed to manage all its tasks, and these task manager apps generate more problems instead of solving them. They may end certain processes that waste battery power.

Should you end all apps?

As all apps drain energy, you may think they should all be stopped from running in the background. However, we must warn you to refrain from changing anything of a few apps running in the background. These few apps are called system apps, and these apps keep your smartphone functional. They don't work like regular apps. As they are already embedded in your system, changing anything may trigger crashing the android operating system.

So, you can exit or end all the apps you've downloaded or installed before but stay away from the system apps.


Most of us have faced at least once the slow speed of android because the RAM is busy with too many apps. So, it is important to restrict apps that you are not using to optimize your phone's speed. For this reason, you should be aware of how to stop apps running in the background android programmatically. We hope this article can help you with that.

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