Minecraft MOD APK for Android


Minecraft MOD APK

Minecraft is one of the most famous world-building games. It’s a game where you build a world from scratch and choose how the world will run its flow of phenomena. However, this game is of a rare kind where you can immerse yourself with the most straightforward pleasure.

Well,  let us take you to the world of Minecraft!

It’s a unique world-building game where you can do a lot of activities. You can do this, like crafting, mining, farming, building structures, even engaging in battle.

There a lot of maps for you to discover. You can collect resources, build houses. And, also can collect fight monsters, fight alongside your friends against players around the world, etc.

The modified (MOD) Minecraft version includes the immortality features.

APK Overview Information:

App Name



124 MB

App Type


Current Version

Android Requirement

4.2 and up

Content Rating

Rated for 7+

Fear, Mild violence



MOD features

Immortality/ Unlocked

Features of Minecraft

  • You can create and discover your own Minecraft world offline.
  • Customize the world of your dream.
  • Moreover, you can roam the endless maps and look for all kinds of resources.
  • You can craft and create items with varied uses.
  • Enjoy addictive online game-play with friends and actual gamer from across the globe.
  • The game offers you privacy with its realms.
  • There’s also a marketplace to get things necessary to customize your world.

APK Description:

1. Similar to Windows PC Version:

The android version of Minecraft is identical to the Windows PC version featuring a lot of crafting, mining, farming, building, and combat. Moreover, the game has survival mode and a creative mode where you can enjoy playing with friends and players around the world.

You can play with friends and anyone with an invitation code. Besides, you can enjoy the game more if you subscribe to their hosting servers, which offers official subscription-based service. Therefore, if you have a subscription, you can create your realm. And, which only exclusive to whom you send the invitation codes. Moreover, and it also features pre-made templates for adventure maps, mini-games, and a lot more.

2. Minor Differences in the Android Version:

Well, you may observe some minor differences in the android version. Moreover, if you’ve played the pc version before like, Huge mushrooms are naturally generating in Swamp biomes. And an old world where you can’t activate the Nether Portal and End Portals.

If you are already familiar with the visuals of the PC Minecraft, the mobile version will look similar to you. And if you’re playing Minecraft for the first time, we assure you the visuals won’t disappoint you. The controls on the take up a portion of the game whichever side you put them. However, the rules are transparent, so you can easily see what’s behind the controls.

Also, there are a few options to decide how your game looks on the screen. Typically, you can choose from two options, namely Pocket and Classic, to change the looks. But you can download additional textures to change the visuals more.

You’ll see players use directional arrows on the screen to walk around their world, and there is another button for jumping. Other controls are mostly tap-based. You have to tap something and hold if you want to mine or destroy it.

And you want to place something, tap it to the direction where you want to put it. Remember, if you can put any item in your hand by tapping it. Therefore, but if you hold that tap for a bit longer, the thing will drop instead. Learning all these controls may seem a bit frustrating at first, but with a little practice, you’ll master the controls soon.


1. Relevant graphics,

2. Great multiplayer experience,

3. Awesome customizing features.


1. The App will take some time to get used to the control.

Google Play Review:

4.6 out 5


It’s a unique game where you can customize a world of your own. However, this won’t give you the rush of an action game, but it’s satisfying to build something from scratch. And this mobile version won’t disappoint you if you’ve already used to playing Minecraft in PC.

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