Racing Xtreme

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Racing Xtreme: Fast Rally Driver 3D

Do you want some reckless driving in a post-apocalyptic world with monster trucks, bulletproof cars, and cool sports cars?

We may have something for you, which not only fills your expectation. But, also might give you the best mobile racing experience you've ever had. 

Okay, let's find out how this game has on its sleeve to offer you. Therefore, and a bit about APK file if you want to install the game right away. 

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It’s the installation file you need to set up in your android mobile phone to play a superb racing game called Racing Xtreme: Fast Rally Driver 3D. And, this game will instantly take you in a post-apocalyptic world where you have to race to survive. Don’t sweat; you’ll have plenty of supercars at your disposal. If you want to find more exciting games see the link.

APK Overview Information:


Racing Xtreme: Fast Rally Driver 3D


Android 4.1 and up





Current Version



Varies with device

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Features of Racing Xtreme: Fast Rally Driver 3D

  • You can choose from 30 extreme post-apocalyptic cars!
  • There are so many different car classes to discover, like buggies, 4x4 off-roaders, SUVs, jeeps, sports cars, funny cars, and dragsters!
  • Winning the Daily Race mode with real MONSTER TRUCKS is a hell of an adventure.
  • You have so many options to nurture your creativity with a ton of tuning and customization options!
  • Don't forget to race victoriously through the wasteland. Morever, you'll love the old destroyed refinery, abandoned power plants, and more!
  • There are top-class luxury cars to drive like, SpaceBaller, DrIvE Hards 6x6, The Dictator, Black Shark, Iron Xtal, and the brand new Prombron Black Alligator!
  • The 3D graphics are extreme and fantastic.

APK Description:

Racing Xtreme: Fast Rally Driver 3D does justice to its name. It's a hell of a racing game with a variety of unique racing cars.

Buggy, Off-road, SUV, jeep, sports car, funny looking car, dragster, all these types of cars are there for you. You'll have 30 cars to choose your perfect ride. And you can customize them as the way you want, colors, tuning, engine, turbo, intake, body, tires, gears, and the most exciting nitrous, and you name it. What more do you want to customize the perfect ride!

As soon as you open the game, you'll find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where gasoline scarce. You're here to race, but you have to change your gear with expert timing sense and make the best use of nitro you have. Otherwise, your reckless and expert opponents will beat you. Take your time to master racing in these dangerous roads while switching on the nitrous and thrust yourself ride with the raging speed while the adrenaline is firing in your veins.

Let's not forget the luxury 4x4 DARTZ PROMBRON CARS, these indestructible bulletproof cars are basically unstoppable, and you'll have 6 of these cars to choose from: SpaceBaller, DrIvE Hards 6x6, The Dictator, Black Shark, Iron Xtal, and the brand new Prombron Black Alligator!

There is nothing compared to these cars, and you'll know when you feel the wheels for the first time.

This game sets a new bar for the other racing car game develops when it comes to 3D graphics. When you race through the old destroyed refinery and abandoned power plants with their rusty scaffolding in the post-apocalyptic, you would realize how mind-blowing the graphics are.

The last cool thing about this game is the monster truck, and these huge trucks have nitrous too. You just have started the engine, change the gear, and switch the nitrous at the right time. You won't have to wait long to break speed records and set the new world record for other racers all over the world.


1. Fun and fast ride,

2. Great Graphics,

3. Variety of Cool Cars.


1. No multiplayer option,

2. Race tracks can be improved.

Google Play Review:

4.4 out of 5

How to Install the APK:

  • Your phone android system needs to be Android 4.1 and up to install the APK file. Let's guide you through the necessary steps.
  • First, search and download the APK File of Racing Xtreme: Fast Rally Driver 3D.
  • Store the Downloaded APK in your Phone or SD Card.
  • Then open your Mobile Settings, then go to Security, finally, Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Click install, and this app will ask access to Wi-Fi connection information, give it access to view Wi-Fi connections. It will ask access device & app history to retrieve running apps. Also, the app needs to have full internet access to receive data from the internet, prevent the device from sleeping, control vibrations, etc.
  • The installation will take a few moments.
  • After going through these steps, your app is ready. Enjoy!


We hope we've covered the necessary things about this awesome game before you jump on the car and start the engine. We are pretty much sure you're gonna have so much just as thousands of people had. We hope you enjoy the adventures on the road with cool cars.

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