Save the Girl

1.1.9 for Android

Lion Studios

Save The Girl

If you like any puzzle, word games, quiz, trivia games or brain-teasing games, we’ve got a game that can not only give satisfaction but also get you addicted.

It’s called ‘Save The Girl’. All of like the gratification of solving problems which are fun and challenging and you’ll face this kind of fun scenarios in each level of Save The Girl.

So, why don’t we find out more about the game and save the girl from harm’s way?

It’s a puzzle game where you’ll need to free the girl in each level. In each level, the girl is facing unique obstacles. And you have limited resources to figure out a solution to save the girl. The obstacles get exciting and funnier as you climb up to higher levels.

Therefore, each scenario requires using your IQ and wit to solve; otherwise, the girl in the game will have a painful but funny outcome. It’s a very relaxing and entertaining brain-teasing game. If you loved to play more adventure, you could visit this link.

APK Overview Information:

App Name

Save The Girl


43 M

App Type


Current Version


Android Requirement

4.4 and up

Content Rating

Rated for 16+

Strong Violence


Lion Studios

Features of Save The Girl:

You’ll have multiple choices in each level of the game. To proceed forward, you have to choose the right answer. The girl will have painful but funny outcomes if you select the wrong answer.

  • Each level will give unique with many challenges for you to solve.
  • It’s a fun game anyone can play, including your family. If you’re stuck in solving a puzzle, ask a friend or family member for help. It’s more fun solving a puzzle together that just solving it by yourself.
  • The gameplay is addicting but also simple. You will want to keep solving puzzles as soon as you start the game.
  • The gameplay may be familiar to you as it is based on some ads.

APK Description:

  • Well, the game starts right away as soon as you click the downloaded icon. As the first scenario appears, a new challenge pops up. However, in this opening scene, you’ll find the girls hand is tied, and you need to think of something to save the girl. Well, the reasonable guess should be cutting the rope. But to do that you need scissors, so you need to look around for scissors.
  • The girl is locked in the second scenario, and you need to find available props around you to set her free again. You can acquire an axe from the option, and then you break the door open to bring her out the room. Also, you can choose a decorate a place with cute curtains by picking a location from the options the games have. Moreover, if you want to do something fancier like dressing up the girl with new clothes, use your coins.
  • As you climb up to higher levels by solving each problem, the puzzles will be more complicated. For example, you’ll need to make your way across a hole in the third scene. Bucket and plank are your two existing options. If you choose plank, there may be a risk of falling in the hole as your weight may break the plank. So, a bucket of cement will be a safe option as you can fill the hole with glue.
  • The graphics of the game is good enough to keep you engaged. The game doesn’t require excellent and colourful graphics like an action game. The graphics are not eye-catching but straightforward enough to keep your focus on the puzzle on each level. It may remind you of some old games.
  • The control of the game is easy and reasonable. As you need to select certain things to solve the puzzles in this game, the select option to pick items needs to be efficient and fast. In this criteria, the game mechanics won’t disappoint you. Also, the new version fixes the bug problems appeared in the older versions.


1. Entertaining and relaxing,

2. Funny graphics,

3. Good control mechanics.


1. It has too many Ads pop up in the middle of the game.

Google Play Review:

3.7 out of 5

How to install the APK:

Your phone android system needs to be Android 4.4 and up to install the mod APK file. Let’s guide you through the necessary steps.

  • First, search and download the APK File of Save The Girl.
  • Store the Downloaded APK in your Phone or SD Card.
  • Then open your Mobile Settings, then go to Security, finally, Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Click install, and this app will ask access to Wi-Fi connection information, give it access to view Wi-Fi connections. It will ask storage and media access to read the contents of your USB storage as well as modify or delete the contents of your USB storage. Also, the app needs to have full internet access to receive data from the internet. It may ask permission to prevent your device from sleeping.
  • The installation will take a few moments.
  • After going through these steps, your app is ready. Enjoy!


The game is pretty straightforward. You’ll quickly be lost track of time while thinking about the solution of each level. The game is not hard, but it requires a little bit thought to go further, which is a fun way to give your brain a little bit of exercise. If you don’t like ads in the free version, you can buy the game. You’ll get plenty of fun if you want any puzzle game.

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