Tennis Stars

2.2.25002 for Android

Magic Seven

Tennis Stars

Maybe you love playing tennis on a mobile phone, or you want a tennis game.

Maybe you love the sound when a tennis racket hits the ball, and then the opponent hits the ball back. And, you have to move fast to defend, doesn’t it sound a little bit exciting?

As a sport Tennis is fun,  playing tennis on a mobile phone a fun activity for some people too. However, you don’t have to be able to play tennis in courts to enjoy tennis on a mobile phone.

But there are so many tennis android games out there! Moreover, you can also find more games, just follow the link!

How can you possibly find the best? Well, you’re searching, we’re here to tell you, you don’t have to search anymore. We’ve got the most exciting and addictive tennis game for you called Tennis Stars.

Want to know more? Let’s find out!

It is the android package kit or the installation file of fun and a super-easy android game called Tennis Stars. It’s a delightful game with funny graphics and a user-friendly movement mechanism.

APK Overview Information

App Name

Tennis Stars


43 MB

App Type


Current Version


Android Requirement

4.1 and up

Content Rating

Rated for 3+


Magic Seven

Features of Tennis Stars

  • This game has the most realistic graphics seen among the mobile tennis game so far. You’ll love the cool graphics of the game.
  • Who doesn’t want to go toe to toe with the best player? You’ll have a unique training mode to train yourself to compete with the best players.
  • There are different game modes like World Career mode and Quick Match mode.
  • You’ll have plenty of options to master different special skills to surprise your opponents.
  • Every player in the game has some unique talents, and you’ll have different difficulties playing against each of them.
  • You can customize all the equipment of your player like tops, bottoms, sneakers with cool rackets, hairstyles, etc.
  • With one or two-handed controls, you can enjoy tennis in your pocket.
  • APK Description

    • The gameplay of this android is super easy and fun. After the install the game, you’ll have an option to choose a certain player. Of course, each has his/her name; they also have a certain set of skills. Moreover, the skills that may help to choose what skill of a certain player you can use to your advantage in the court.
    • This game may remind you some kids game you where characters have funny faces. The sound effect is really fun and won’t bore you rather make you relaxed.
    • The game follows basic tennis rules. Therefore, if you never played before, we assume you played badminton, they’re almost the same. But, except tennis has three sets instead of one and you use tennis balls instead of cork in badminton.
    • You have the option to serve the first. The better your tennis serve is, the more coins you get. It’s really easy to earn coins or point while making your tennis serve because it all depends on the timing and angle of your tennis racket while hitting the tennis ball.
    • If you are unable to defend the ball which is hit back to you by your opponent or in tennis terms, moreover, if you’re unable to defend the grounstroke of your opponent, it will show a ‘bad’ sign. And your opponent will get coins or points when the tennis ball bounces on your side. And, before you hit it, that is called a Groundstroke. Thus, Forehands, Backhands, and Slice Backhands are all groundstrokes. If your opponent is unable to defend your groundstroke, you’ll get points.
    • However, this game doesn’t strictly follow the standard rule of 6 points to win a set to make this game less complex for you. For that reason, you probably will get more chances to get back to a game where you had a bad start.


    1. Good Graphics,

    2. Simple and easy to play,

    3. Good Control mechanics.


    1. No multiplayer function,

    2. The scoring algorithm needs to be improved.

    Google Play review:

    3.9 out of 5

    How to install the APK:

    Your phone android system needs to be Android 4.1 and up to install the APK file. Let’s guide you through the necessary steps.

    • Search and download the APK File on your mobile phone.
    • Store the Downloaded APK in your Phone or SD Card.
    • Open to your Mobile Settings, then go to Security, finally, Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.
    • Click install, and this App will ask access to Wi-Fi connection information. And, give it access to view Wi-Fi connections. It will ask storage and media access to read the contents of your USB storage as well as modify or delete the contents of your USB storage. Also, the App needs to have full internet access to receive data from the internet.
    • The installation will take a few moments.
    • After going through these steps, your App is ready. Enjoy!


    We hope all the necessary things to know before downloading the APK file of the game. We assure you it’s a fun and engaging tennis game you’ll love.

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