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It’s a bit surprising if you haven’t heard anything about Tiktok yet. It’s one of the most trending and most downloaded apps of 2020! And it’s become a massive hit among teens and also it’s pushing other giant apps like WhatsApp, Facebook to improve on trending more.

Therefore, Tiktok is a media app that is meant only for fun with lots of filters and music. And it has become very famous among teens under 16 as a source of meaningless joy, and some elders seem to be having fun too with it.

It’s a media app where you can make short videos up to 15 seconds with filters, effects and background music from the app. However, many people make lipsync, dance to popular songs and make a funny gesture to attract followers. It’s the second most downloaded app in 2020.

As this media app is only videos based, young people find it more comfortable and attractive than platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Moreover, this app is mainly popular with children under 16.

APK Overview Information:

App Name

TikTok-Make Your Day


84 MB

App Type


Current Version


Android Requirement

4.1 and up

Content Rating

Rated for 12+

Parental Guidance Recommended



TikTok Inc.

Features of TikTok :

  • Can watch an endless amount of videos on a personalized video feed based on what you watch, like, and share.
  • Easy to explore all types of videos seamlessly.
  • Easily can pause and resume a video multiple times.
  • You can take part with millions of creators from all over the world with their exciting videos.
  • Therefore, you can add any music or sound to your videos from the vast collection of music from every genre for free.
  • The app can do express your creativity by making videos with tons of filters and effects.
  • The integrated editing tool will let you trim, cut, merge, and duplicate video clips quickly.

APK Description:

1. Take Short time to share:

Tiktok is a video sharing you which lets you share videos with a brief period) The short period is 15 seconds. You can shoot any videos on any subject. After developed and distributed from China a few years ago, it has become one of the most downloaded networking apps. It is a lipsyncing app that is used on various subjects.

In the Tiktok app, you can watch endless videos in accordance to your choice. You can like them and share them. In Tiktok, you will find interesting, funny, and videos feel like real.

2. Easy to Use and Share:

Automatically several amounts of videos will appear. If you have an outstanding choice on videos, you can also have them only. You can also follow the Tiktok user as well as you can make videos of your own. In the time of driving, you can pause them as many times you want. You can shoot the same video over and again to check if everything is okay or not. On the other hand, you can edit your videos, change the volume and speed of audio according to your wish.

Millions of people are now showcasing their talent in this app. And many of them become well-recognized in society. It’s a fun app that entertains children, young, and adult people.

3. Musical Store:

In the Tiktok app, you will find musical tracks of every genre. You can pick your music as you like. Many types of songs like pop, rock, country, romantic, rap, hip-hop all are available in this app. You can edit your videos with any sound you wish. From the Tiktok, you can find many pure viral original songs. Besides songs, there are many dialogues available in the Tiktok. From movie to serial, all kind of conversation is found here.

You can unlock millions of filters as you edit videos. After shooting videos, you can edit them the way you wish. You can add many effects to the video. A video can trim, merge, duplicate, and cut through Tiktok.

As TikTok has started to attract a lot of attention, some people are using it as a medium to earn money by attracting tons of followers with their exciting videos.


1. It entertains people a lot,

2. A perfect source to showcase talent,

3. Editing through this app gives an extraordinary effect.


1. Sometimes it wastes your precious time when you get too involved in it.

Google Play Review:

4.4 out of 5


TikTok-Make Your Day is a platform that has the potential to boost creativity among children. And it’s short 15 seconds videos are easy to follow and have its appeal to millions of people. However, as teenagers are getting aware of its money earning aspect, some of them are often creating hassles to passerby while they are shooting random videos on the street without any permission.

Still, it’s a fun app if you love connecting and sharing expressions of joy with others thorough short videos. It’s an app that has a lot of fun to offer you, so we suggest you try it if you like these kinds of random stuff.

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