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Privacy is the utmost concern of netizens nowadays. Our browsing history is never private, even if we use incognito mode because of cookie tracking, IP tracking for marketing and data collection purposes. Also, there is always a  fear of malware or malicious programs lurking.

However, when it’s about use in a random website, and, once these programs enter your android smartphone through your browser, your files can get stolen. That’s why it’s always wise to lock your private files, especially videos, photos in secure storage...

The App can give that safety for your videos from any external threats.

Let’s dig deeper into the features and aspects of the app.

Videos Locker is an android application that provides unbreakable protection of your private videos against any external threats. Therefore, it has an advanced encryption system that turns your videos to an encrypted format. So that if you want, you can only open the videos through the app. The app has a free version that contains many efficient PIN recovery. And you will get many cool features, whereas premium version adds stealth mode and fingerprint login features.

APK Overview Information:

App Name

Video Locker


17 MB

App Type

Video Players & Editors

Current Version


Android Requirement

4.1 and up

Content Rating

Rated for 3+


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Features of Video Locker:

  • The app has an advanced 128 bit AES encryption system. And, which provides unbreakable protection against external threats to your private videos.
  • The app will not appear in the recent app list. So there will no trace that you’re hiding private videos.
  • In case you forget to exit Video Locker, the app will get back to a locked state when your phone goes to sleep.
  • You can hide individual video albums.
  • However, the user interface is capable of adjusting with both Android Smartphones and Tablets.
  • There is an efficient PIN recovery options, so don’t sweat over losing all of the private videos if you forget the PIN.
  • You can hide videos either from the gallery or from Video Locker itself.
  • Hiding and unhiding videos are easy and fast.
  • There is a superior stealth mode only reserved for premium users.

Also, you can use the fingerprint login with the premium version.

APK Description:

1. Maintain Full Security:

We keep many things on the phone. Some of them are very private. Besides, having security on the phone, but still, it’s necessary to keep some security apps on the phone to make our personal things safe and sound. This app is one of them. It protects your private videos from prying.

Private and sensitive videos can be moved from your android gallery to the app and protected them through pin code. Only you can assess these videos through the pin code you provided.

Sometimes it that you have locked a folder where you keep your entire private thing. Still, it can be hacked if someone steals your SD card. But with a video locker, it is impossible because it is built with a 128 bit AES encryption structure. If someone tries to violate your privacy by stealing your SD card, he will be unable to watch your locked videos because of this encryption structure.

If you don’t want people to see your private videos, you might want to hide your video app from the recent app list. However, this is possible in the video lock app, as it will appear in the current app list. The app has the Stealth mode system. Also, this will hide your installed video app from your app list so that you can get the ultimate security. Your app will be appearing as a calculator widget.

The video app is providing you with the highest security. If you fell asleep while watching your videos, your video app will be auto-locked after a specific time.  Your gadget will turn into sleep mode automatically.

2. Specific Security issue:

In the app, you can save your hidden videos individually. It means you can make several albums. Moreover, this will help you to see only one video at a time without exposing others. People will never be able to assume how many videos you have in the folder.

You can also remove files straight from the app. If you want to save your hidden videos in your gallery or another file, you can quickly shift it without any hassle.

You can keep your videos protected by a security code. But you may forget the pin code you given in the app. You don’t need to worry in this case as you can quickly recover the pin code you have provided through your email.

3. Easy to Use all Function:

  • To hide or move videos from your gallery to the video folder is very easy with this app. You need to select videos together and shift them to another file.
  • If you install your app in your android phone, you can still smartly view them on your tablet.
  • It also has a fingerprint detection system. Instead of giving any security code or pattern, you can open your app through fingerprint.


1. It gives you ultimate security.

2. Shifting videos is very easy.

3. Fingerprint system available.


1. Pin recovery system needs to be improved. And, an option to store videos on the SD card should be added.

Google Play Review:

4.4 out of 5


There are many application options available for locking videos, photos even the whole gallery. However, not all of those apps can ensure the protection of your videos by Video Locker. Based on the feedback of thousands of android users, we suggest you try this app once. Moreover, see the app if it satisfies your need for privacy.

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